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FIB Hiring, Gangs & Robbing

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This post will be outlining two announcements in one post regarding some important information and news over the last few days.

FIB Hiring

The FIB is now hiring citizens aspiring to lead a rewarding career in federal law enforcement. Two placements are available for the time being, please reach out to myself (distritic#0001) or Jack Burton (Jack Luckee Burton#3333) on Discord with an in-character resume if you are interested. We will be selecting candidates based on: maturity, activity on the server, an outstanding level of roleplay, exceptional judgement, adherence to Community Guidelines & Standards and participation in other factions. 

We understand that this is going to be a highly sought-after position and although we expect many applicants, there will be only two people selected. Please do not be discouraged if you are not accepted.


Our community has had an increase in incidents involving gang groups. We encourage gang roleplay and similar storylines, but we have seen an increase in unnecessary shootings/gunplay from some members claiming territory. It is okay to engage in a gunfight as long as appropriate roleplay leads up to it. 

We would just like to re-iterate that unless your gang is endorsed, you should not be overly protective of territory and gang violence of this nature should be kept to a minimum. If your gang is not endorsed and would like to "claim" a street, you should buy all houses on the street in order to do so.

Our staff team and advisors are still looking at potential gangs to endorse by activity, quality of roleplay and adherence to our Community Guidelines & Standards. Endorsed gangs are offered additional perks in the server such as control of territory, firearms, drugs and money.


There has been an increase in one-sided roleplay which involves robbing/shooting players for their items. We're all here to have fun, so please make it fun for each other - especially new members of the community. We like to set a good example of Hypaste and welcome other roleplayers without fear of immediately being robbed. Players which constantly rob and shoot new members without providing good roleplay for all involved will be proactively dealt with by staff (with no report needed) through warning points and further action.

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