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Post-Alpha Server Health (Read This)

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During the course of the pre-launch period, our team has been working hard on providing guidance for players in the community. You have all devoted great time and effort into the testing phase thus far, and we are incredibly thankful for all the support. As a collective, we have managed to address over 150 bugs, and you have provided us with dozens of innovative suggestions. We are constantly attempting to prioritize suggestions while focusing on server development in the background.

The below considerations are a collective which reflect on our vision as a server. It is not aimed at a single person, or individual group of people.  Please read this carefully and use it as a reference for further interactions and roleplay post-launch. It is paramount that as we launch publicly, we build a strong playerbase of good interactions. 


Out-of-character Communication

  • Consider your character as an actor, filming a scene in a movie at all times. Remember that while playing, you are acting.
  • Everyone is guilty of using out-of-character communication while playing. We want to stress that using specific words as a loophole while talking in-character is not allowed.
  • This includes but is not limited to talk about “gods” (server owners), “government” (server staff), “spirituality” (in real-life), “deportation” (banned), “other city” (another server) “in my head” (in real-life, AFK) or “tsunami” (server restart).
  • There is no reason to mention certain topics seen above, keep it to the direct messages or talk outside of the server.
  • If you absolutely must address something out-of-character, do it in a way which does not influence our roleplay standards.
  • Do not use /me as a mechanic for talking out-of-character, we do not have this for a reason.

One-sided Roleplay

  • Please ensure that you’re providing enjoyable roleplay for everyone. 
  • There has been an increase in one-sided roleplay which involves robbing/shooting players for their items only. It is against the rules to rob players as they join the server.
  • Your interactions must have roleplay reasoning personal to your character.
  • Do not go from store to store and rob them. If you have just committed a crime like this, your first instinct should be to lay low and avoid further attention. Act within the traits of your character.


  • All criminal interactions are limited to four players at a time. You should take measures, especially when in a gang, to ensure this rule is obeyed.
  • Do not take things personally. The expressions you present should be based solely on your character.
  • If you have a personal issue with a member of the community, please try to address this either with staff or the member themselves. The last thing we want is drama, toxicity and bad interactions because of salt. Do not bring it into the game.
  • It should be without saying that abusing TeamSpeak names, live streams or any other platform as means to use this in-character and identify people is not allowed.

Utilizing Emergency Services

  • Ensure to call an ambulance when your friend is down and needs medical attention.
  • The reason we allow players to transport downed people in vehicles is so they can get to a criminal hospital.
  • Do not act as an ambulance or abuse this mechanic, give roleplay opportunities to emergency services who join to do just this.
  • You should visit a criminal hospital if your character has just committed a crime and is actively wanted by police.
  • The profitability and income of crime is dynamic and highly dependent on the amount of active police within the server. Take care of police, provide them with enjoyable roleplay and they will do so in return.
  • If police are not treated fairly, members who roleplay law enforcement will simply refuse to play. This will have an impact on crime and it’s profit. The attitude to win every situation must be squashed - it is in everyone’s best interest.
  • Police and paramedics are not objects or loot, they're players - and they're providing roleplay for everyone. 
  • Build a storyline, and bare in mind that police are core to the criminal aspect of role play to function.


Robbing Players

  • Gangs and players which constantly rob and shoot players without providing good roleplay for all involved will be proactively dealt with by staff (with no report needed) through warning points, which will eventually lead to bans.
  • It is not all about winning or losing situations, this is a game and we’re trying to enjoy ourselves by playing it.

Tackling & Punching

  • Spam tackling and spam punching is considered powergaming. 
  • Your actions must have roleplay reasoning, and aim to provide roleplay for everyone. We want all styles of roleplay to interact with each other appropriately. We don’t want to limit mechanics, which will ruin roleplay for other people. 

Removing Items

  • A panic button and tracker is not removable from emergency services as there is no mechanic for this.
  • There are already mechanics on the server to remove items from people. You must not use /me to remove items.
  • Attempting to remove them through /me is considered powergaming.

Character Traits

  • Remain within the traits of your character.
  • This includes flying planes when your character has no knowledge of how to fly - especially landing them on a public road.
  • There must be an equal balance between fun and realism within your character. This is core to remaining within the rules.
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