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    What is a proxy?

    A proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet. It's an intermediary server separating end users from the server they join. Proxies provide varying levels of functionality, security, and privacy depending on your use case or needs. A proxy is usually known as a VPN, and is used to mask the IP address of your computer.

    We don't allow the use of proxies to join our server as a method to prevent ban evading and any connection issues while playing. A proxy can significantly decrease the speed and stability of a connection to our server.

    I'm not using a proxy?

    If you are certain that a mistake was made and are not using a proxy (or any type of VPN service), or would simply like an exemption, please submit a Support Ticket with your reasoning. All requests will be reviewed and a determination will be made.

    In most cases, these requests will be approved. We value all members of the community and will continue to provide for our community.