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Current Donation Goals

2021 Hypaste Upkeep

Hello, and thank you for considering a donation to our community. All donations are used to cover server costs as we are strictly a non-profit server. Everyone is welcome at Hypaste, so please do not feel obliged to donate, however it will help keep the server running. 

We have updated and adjusted our terms based on FiveM Terms of Service, donators that help cover costs incurred by the servers are eligible for community perks, although we do not offer any perks or pay to play/win here at Hypaste. All funds collected are to go directly to cover all server costs and not for profit. A percentage of these funds will also be donated to the FiveM project on an monthly basis which provides our server with additional benefits. As a warm thank you, all supporters who actively donate $5.00+ will be given a Luckee Sloth role on our Discord server.

Please be advised that all donations are non-refundable. You are not purchasing an item or service from us, donated funds go directly to cover the costs of the servers monthly expenses. Perks are not given to those who donate to support this community. You are not allowed to buy or sell in-game items for money. Doing so will result in severe consequences.

At the moment, server costs (monthly) are laid out as follows:

  • Community Website & Plugins ($60.00)
  • Virtual Private Server and TeamSpeak 3 ($77.95)
  • FiveM Patreon Subscription ($62.50)
  • Mapping Subcription ($30.00)

This totals to $2315.40 a year, at $192.95 a month.

By following through with this contribution, you accept our terms of service and understand by no means are these transactions refundable. If you are banned, or just decide you'd like to leave the community, it is understood that your donation has already been applied to our monthly costs and cannot be refunded. Any overage collected will be applied to the following monthly cost.

Again, thank you for your continued support,
Jack and distritic

Raised $275.00 of $2,315.00 target