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  • Ban Appeals & Inquiries

    Why am I banned?

    Our staff members take their duty of enforcing the Community Guidelines very seriously. If you are banned, it is because a staff member has determined that you have broken one of our guidelines; and the situation was severe enough to constitute a ban. Your punishment can vary depending on the severity of the rules you broke; with this said, you can take measures to further ensure you are educated on our Community Guidelines in order to prevent a situation like this from occurring again.

    What now?

    If you are certain that your ban was unfair, we encourage you to create a Ban Appeal, addressing your ban.
    For ban clarification or explanation please submit a Support Ticket with your inquiry.

    Please note that ban appeals will always be denied under the conditions that your ban was justified or is 7 days or less.
    If it is determined that your ban is justified, staff members can make exceptions and allow for a final warning. These final warnings are issued per to staff discretion, only when a staff member is satisfied that you have educated yourself on our rules, served your punishment and will not cause further issues. In most cases however, justified bans which are appealed will be denied with no exceptions.